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UMNO leader: UMNO Kelantan should stop helping flood victims as they will never be grateful

Social NewsUMNO leader: UMNO Kelantan should stop helping flood victims as they will...

Over the past few days, floods on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia have worsened, and the number of flood victims evacuating to temporary relief centres (PPS) has increased significantly.

However, at this critical time, UMNO veteran, Rafi Awang Kechik has urged fellow UMNO leaders in Kelantan to stop helping the flood victims in the state.

In a Facebook post, Rafi Awang said UMNO leaders should stop being nice to people and show that they care, as the people of Kelantan had never shown gratitude towards UMNO’s help, although they had been there for the Kelantanese during their challenging days for the past decades.

“The people of Kelantan do not appreciate it, let alone expressing gratitude,” he said.

He then said that flood victims in Kelantan should reach out to their relatives from the other states to help them whenever disasters land.

Source: Facebook

“They should ask their sons, daughters, or the in-laws from KL to help them. We take care of our own, and we don’t have to be kind,” Rafi Awang said.

In addition, Rafi Awang also said that the people of Kelantan could rely on the political parties that they had voted for and loved — Perikatan Nasional (PN) and PAS.

“We should save our act of kindness to those who appreciate us,” he said.

In another Facebook post, Rafi Awang said it is time for UMNO in Kelantan to take some rest after helping the people there for 32 years and let PN and PAS to take over.

He then said that the Islamist party has been labelling UMNO as thief, while capitalising on religion to spread its political ideas.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Number of victims rose to over 9,000

As of 8.20 am today (19 December), the number of flood victims in Kelantan had risen to 9,149, compared to 7,096 victims the last night (18 December).

The victims are from 2,707 affected families who have been placed at 80 Temporary Flood Relief Centres (PPS) in nine districts across the state.

Meanwhile, these numbers are expected to increase as the rain continues.

Do you think that Rafi Awang should continue to help those in need despite their choices? Share your thoughts!

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