Monday, January 30, 2023

M’sian fell victim to online scam after clicking on link that says RM1,000 will be credited to him via TnG

Social NewsM'sian fell victim to online scam after clicking on link that says...

Although the authorities have been warning Malaysians against the different online scams that are happening in the country, many still fall victim to them as scammers have been creative in their scam tactics.

Recently, a Twitter user took to his Twitter to share how scammers stole RM1,000 from his Touch ‘n Go (TnG) account. In a series of tweets, he shared that it all started after he clicked on a lick from an SMS he received.

The SMS alleged that the user received financial aid from the government that is worth RM1,000 and all he needed to do was to update his personal details and check his status at the link provided. 

“A few seconds later I received a one-time password (OTP) notification and an MAE notification telling me that my e-wallet had been topped up,” he said.

“I felt something odd about this transaction, so I quickly changed my Touch ‘n Go e-wallet security PIN. However, by the time I did it, the scammer had taken almost RM1,000 from my e-wallet. My e-wallet had a balance of RM500, which the scammer did not manage to steal it.”

The user said he had since lodged a police report regarding the incident.

Meanwhile, the user pointed out that some reasons why he is dissatisfied with TnG about the whole incident.

“TnG does not have a 24/7 careline to handle scam and fraud cases. Furthermore, how could TnG approve three transactions simultaneously? Doesn’t it require an OTP and a security personal identification number (PIN)?”

“After sending all the necessary information to TnG, their Money-back Guarantee team said that they are unable to reimburse me for the stolen money as they claimed that I was the one who authorised the transaction. What kind of reason is this?” 

Customer service not helpful at all

Besides, he said that TnG’s customer service is not helpful at all as he had to wait almost 30 minutes before the line connects.

“I informed them to not block my e-wallet as all my money is gone and the money in the e-wallet is all that I have left. Yet they sent me an e-mail today informing me that they have blocked my account for 180 days, and if I wanted to recover my account, I will need a dispute form from the bank,” he said.

“This isn’t a problem as I have all the forms but I did not receive a single notification from TNG before they blocked my account. I called and called but nobody picked up. I honestly do not know what to do already. I have 15 more days until my next salary and I only have RM20 left.” 

In an update, the user reveals that his TnG e-wallet was set to auto debit when the incident happened, which he is unaware of.

It is believed that the scammer had made use of this auto reload function by TnG to bypass the OTP security measure by financial institutions.

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