Wednesday, February 8, 2023

“Let’s end the trend of hanging wedding dresses onto fire sprinklers” M’sian urges future brides to not misuse this safety feature

Social News"Let's end the trend of hanging wedding dresses onto fire sprinklers" M'sian...

It’s the wedding season, and some might see their friends or relatives busy preparing for their big day. While newlyweds are finding the best way to make their wedding the most memorable and aesthetic, some invented a dangerous trend.

According to Twitter user @obliqueheart, the trend involved future brides or photographers taking photos of wedding dresses hanging onto fire sprinklers.

“Let’s end the trend of hanging wedding dresses onto fire sprinklers. Fire sprinklers should never be misused regardless of the most special event in your life,” the user urged.

The reason? This could risk breaking the fragile glass bulb that triggers the sprinklers to go off and potentially flooding the room you are in and damaging your property.

“The bulb is made fragile so that it would break when the temperature is high (during a fire), triggering the system to go off.”

“So hanging objects/obstructing the head would risk smashing the bulb accidentally. Especially when clothes hangers are made out of metal, this proves a bigger risk of you accidentally smashing the bulb,” the user explains.

“I’m worried if this trend goes viral, those unknowledgeable ones would follow the trend without knowing the consequences,” he added.

This can be illegal in some countries

Meanwhile, the user also pointed out that such an act could be classified as illegal in some countries.

The user explains that even if the hanger does not break the bulb, it could become an obstacle for the sprinkler to function properly.

On the other hand, if the bulb breaks, it could cost a lot to reinstall it. It would also increase the risk of a fire breaking out without the necessary safety measures installed. At the same time, it would waste firefighters’ effort for nothing if they find out that there is no fire.

Besides, the future bride may ruin her wedding dress.

The user then suggested alternatives to hanging wedding dresses such as tree branch, a door, a window, curtain railings, or even mannequins.

“So, say no to the hanging of clothes on fire sprinklers! No more unethical conduct please. We can all think maturely and not disrupt safety equipment. Basic safety knowledge,” he urged.

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