Monday, January 30, 2023

Apple hires retail staff worker in Malaysia, leading to rumours of first-ever Apple Store in Malaysia

Tech & GamesApple hires retail staff worker in Malaysia, leading to rumours of first-ever...

Rumours of Apple setting up its first-ever Apple Store in Malaysia has been spreading like wildfire earlier this week after photos showing staff working on a brightly lit Apple logo went circulating on social media.

It started when Twitter user @fazlihalimmedia shared a photo of what appears to be work being done at a future Apple Store at the Tun Razak Exchange complex (TRX), while surrounded by scaffolding.

Although Apple has not made any official announcement as of now, it is believed that Apple may soon be launching its first-ever retail outlet in Kuala Lumpur.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user found that Apple recently listed several new job openings under the Apple Retail Store category in Malaysia.

A total of 11 positions for Apple Retail jobs, such as store leader, manager, technical specialist, and not forgetting the Apple Genius!

All of the positions mentioned have stated that the jobs offered are available for ‘various locations’ within Malaysia.

Most likely it’s true!

Nonetheless, these move by Apple confirms that it will most likely be opening an official Apple Store in Malaysia!

In fact, rumours of Apple will open its first Apple Store in Malaysia at TRX popped up last year, when Apple Retail Store representatives were seen in Malaysia, talking to the management of TRX over a possible Apple Store in Malaysia.

To date, there are only five Apple stores across the Southeast Asian regions – Three in Singapore, and two in Thailand. If Apple does launch its store in Malaysia, it would be the sixth Apple Store in the region.

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