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M’sians surprised to find out that PM Anwar’s daughter is married to a Japanese

Social NewsM'sians surprised to find out that PM Anwar's daughter is married to...

Malaysia has a multi-racial and multi-ethnic community, and this diversity has always been a plus point to the country.

Just recently, Malaysia’s new Prime Minister’s youngest daughter, Nurul Ilham Anwar, posted a photo on Instagram of her Japanese father-in-law enjoying a Malaysian favourite — Durian.

“Guys, my Japanese father in law enjoying some durians,” she wrote in the caption.

In the photo, her father-in-law looked as if he was enjoying the king of fruits, with a smile on his face.

Although most netizens were surprised to find out that our Prime Minister has a Japanese relative, this is not exactly a secret.

For your information, Anwar Ibrahim has six children with Datin Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and among these children, his youngest daughter is married to a half-Pakistan, half-Japanese man named Mitsuru Watanabe, better known as Nabe.

Diversity in Anwar’s family tree

Meanwhile, Malaysians were surprise by Anwar’s diverse family tree and this interracial connection.

“Such diversity in your family!” a netizen lauded.

At the same time, praised Ilham’s father-in-law for his courage to try out the king of fruits despite its smell.

“He is more Malaysian than me,” another netizen said.

Nonetheless, it also also worth noting that Anwar’s firstborn, Nurul Izzah Anwar, is in an interracial marriage with Yin Shao Loong, a former Selangor state government official.

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