Wednesday, February 8, 2023

WhatsApp launches new video calling features

Social NewsWhatsApp launches new video calling features

Numerous new features for WhatsApp have been unveiled, all of which are intended to enhance users’ video calling experiences. Many of the capabilities that were previously added to the app earlier this year for audio calls are actually included in the update.

First off, if you’re feeling particularly friendly, you may now have up to 32 people on a video, which is four times the previous maximum. A few months ago, the increased restriction for voice calling was first introduced along with the Communities function.

You can now have more precise control over who hears you in large group calls. According to WhatsApp, if you long press a caller, you may mute them or send them a private message without breaking up the video call.

A picture-in-picture capability for multitasking while on a video call is now available to iOS users in beta. Although it’s unclear when Android users will be able to use it, the business stated that the feature is now in beta testing and that it should begin to roll out in the new year.

Of course, there are the “call links” for audio and video calls that were introduced back in September. The links offer a handy way for someone to join a conference that is already in progress, but they cannot completely replace video conferencing programmes because they do not support call scheduling.

In case you missed it, WhatsApp recently debuted a few additional new features. The software now allows users to formally customise their own avatars, which will result in a 36-pack of stickers. Additionally, you can use the app as a makeshift notebook by messaging yourself using the immensely handy “Message Yourself” option. The Meta-owned platform introduced the eagerly awaited feature of secretly leaving groups, notifying only admins, in August.

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