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“They treated me like a terrorist” PewDiePie shares his worst flight experience was in Malaysia

Social News"They treated me like a terrorist" PewDiePie shares his worst flight experience...

Swedish YouTuber and gamer, Felix Kjellberg, more well known as PewDiePie recently revealed that his worst flight experience is the one when he was flying home from Malaysia.

In a YouTube video posted by fellow gamer and vlogger, Ken Morrison, also known as CinnamonToastKen, PewDiePie and Ken can be heard discussing their their own personal experiences of flying internationally.

“We were on the plane for close to 2 hours and I was thinking, it’s been so long why haven’t we left yet?” PewDiePie said.

He then shared that after sitting in the plane for a while, they were escorted back to the airport and was told that the flight was cancelled.

Source: YouTube

“Sorry, no more flights today,” he said, adding that it was 2 am.

“It’s 2 am when we were asked to head back to the airport, and I just thought we have to go to a hotel.”

According to PewDiePie, he inquired two different hotels but they were all fully booked and unable to provide them with accommodation for the night. He was left with no choice but to sleep in the lobby of the hotel.

He then shared how a Malaysian man, who happened to be sitting next to him in the lobby, was farting repeatedly.

Source: Focus Malaysia

Treated like a terrorist

Meanwhile, PewDiePie shared that felt that he was being treated like a terrorist during the flight that did not take off.

“On that flight as well, they treated me like I was a terrorist because I had those giant portable batteries. The man was suspicious of what he was holding,” he said, adding that he had to explain to the man what he was holding.

The video was titled “Angry Airline Passengers” and it was a compilation of videos relating to other people venting their frustration or anger while at different airports.

Have you experienced this while travelling in Malaysia? Share your thoughts!

Watch the video here:

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