Monday, January 30, 2023

“Floods in Kelantan is not serious yet” Kelantan Deputy MB claims that flood in state is normal due to heavy rain

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The northeast monsoon that Malaysia has been facing since November has brought about chilly weather and heavy rains. Unfortunately, that’s not all about it, as this rainy weather has caused devastating floods in several states in the country.

According to Astro Awani, the number of flood victims in Kelantan has been rising recently, with up to 2,000 people being placed at the temporary evacuation center (PPS).

However, according to the Deputy Menteri Besar of Kelantan, Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah, the floods that are happening in the state had not reached the danger zone.

Amar said that the flood that is happening in Rantau Panjang and Pasir Mas districts are just normal flooding due to the rainy weather.

Source: Malay Mail

“It’s just the early stage of flood. Flood water will recede once the rain stops,” he was quoted as saying by Sinar Harian.

He then said that floods will only be considered serious when water flows from the mountain, which is known as Hujan Hulu (upstream rain).

Nonetheless, Amar said the authorities are carrying out the rescue and evacuation works and that food has been distributed to all victims at the respective PPS.

“The steps to handle the flood has also been taken since October,” Amar said.

It’s not serious until the Mercedes is drowned

Naturally, Amar’s remarks on the floods that Kelantanese are facing did not go well among Malaysians, with many expressing sympathy for the people in the state. Many also criticised Amar for his ignorance towards the issue.

“Pity the people in Kelantan. They have to face the floods for another 5 years,” a netizen said.

“This is not considered serious yet as the homes of the rich are still safe from the floods. Who cares about the poor as long as their Mercedes are not drowned,” another netizen said.

On the other hand, some netizens said it was the people in Kelantan’s fault for voting the same government over and over again.

“Congratulations, Kelantanese for voting for the same government,” a netizen said.

Nonetheless, many netizens said that Amar is just stating the obvious and has not done anything effective to address this matter.

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