Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Watch: Traffic light turns green for only 1 second, making it impossible for drivers to cross the intersection

Social NewsWatch: Traffic light turns green for only 1 second, making it impossible...

We all have the frustration of being late to catch the green light at traffic junctions and being forced to wait a minute or two for the traffic light to turn green again.

Recently, a video posted to the 我们是马来西亚人 We are Malaysians Facebook page had Malaysians wondering what they should do at this traffic light intersection.

In the 11-second viral video, the Perodua Axia can be seen waiting patiently at the intersection for the traffic light to turn green. However, as soon as the traffic light timer nears zero, the Axia begins to make its move and beat the red light.

While most of us are wondering why the Axia acted in such a rush, none of us expect that the green traffic light would instantly turn amber and then red in just a split second.

“You thought that if I pressed the gas for one second that I could straight away speed off, is it?” the caption reads.

What netizens think?

According to the comment section, some netizens said this traffic light is located at a junction outside Aeon Mall in Bandaraya Melaka.

Nonetheless, a few netizens said the public should report the incident to the Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) or their respective city council board to have this traffic light fixed.

On the other hand, some expressed sympathy to the Perodua Axia driver as he was clearly stressed about having to drive past the intersection.

“Pity the driver, he must have been so anxious at the intersection,” a netizen said.

We hope that the authorities will look into this matter as it could potentially cause deadly accident.

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