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“Someone is afraid of losing their job” M’sians amused by the swift repairs at LRT and MRT stations

Social News"Someone is afraid of losing their job" M'sians amused by the swift...

Malaysians had long complained about the faulty elevators and escalators at the various LRT stations scattered throughout the Klang Valley. Despite the complaints, these facilities continue to remain in a state of disrepair.

Recently, commuters were surprised to find out that the operator is finally fulfilling their promise to repair these facilities.

According to TikTok user @zimilx, the most notoriously faulty escalators located in the KLCC underpass leading to the Kelana Jaya LRT station has finally been repaired an reopen to public use.


After 1000 years, we can finally see some improvement at the KLCC subway station.

♬ Syukur Alhamdulillah – Wafiq Azizah

Some netizens were impressed by this and jokingly said the fast repairs could potentially be attributed to a Prasarana employee afraid to lose his job after Anthony Loke was appointed as the new Transport Minister.

“I heard that they suddenly have the funds for spare parts, and all escalators are now being repaired swiftly. They are also fixing the other facilities everywhere. Could it be someone is afraid of losing their job? Is that why they are rushing to get all these done when Anthony Loke took office” a Twitter user said.

“The best is that the escalator right in front of LRT Ampang Park is being fixed as of today. Although that’s under Intermark and has been like that more than 6 months ago,” another netizen said.

Repair parts arrive in batches

Earlier, the Transport Ministry conducted an audit and found that 46 escalators out of a total of 706 were out of order, in addition to 16 elevators across various Monorail stations. In addition, 664 lights were reported to be faulty too.

In October, Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd said the repair work on escalators and lifts at several LRT and MRT stations are expected to be completed by the end of this year.

The rail operator placed orders with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) from China and are slated to arrive in batches from mid-October, mid-November, and this month as well.

Thus, it’s likely that the spare parts have arrived to enable the long-needed repairs.

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