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Malaysian employers who abuse Indonesian workers will be barred from entering Indonesia

NewsMalaysian employers who abuse Indonesian workers will be barred from entering Indonesia

Jakarta is mooting to impose a no-entry list for Malaysian employers who abuse Indonesian workers, said Indonesian ambassador to Malaysia Hermono.

Speaking to Malaysiakini, Hermono said the travel blacklist is part of the Indonesian government’s efforts to prevent the exploitation of its citizens working here.

“National dignity is above all else,” he was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Hermono said the Indonesian Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number 38 made in 2001 empowers its envoys to make ban entry requests to certain travellers for reasons that include exploitation of Indonesian citizens.

He said the first Malaysian who could be subject to the travel blacklist is couple Radzuan Abu Hadzim and Rosnajihah Ramli, who were recently acquitted of human trafficking charges on 9 December.

“Radzuan and Rosnajihah may have been acquitted of trafficking charges under Section 12 of the amended Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007/22 (Atipsom), but if justice is not served, they will be the first Malaysians barred entry into Indonesia for exploiting their Indonesian worker,” Hermono said.

Source: NST

Any abuse counts, be it convicted or undocumented workers

Hermono explained that these Malaysian employers would be listed on the travel blacklist whether they have been convicted in court, or if the Indonesians reported being abused are undocumented workers.

Meanwhile, Hermono revealed that many Malaysian employers are hiring undocumented Indonesians and giving them a false promise of helping them apply for proper working papers only to stall on paying them wages on the belief that they would not be reported.

“They are also confident the law will not catch up with them because the worker was always free to walk out of the house anytime,” he said.

Indonesians forms the largest immigrant labour group in Malaysia. The International Labour Organization estimates that there are 690,659 documented workers in Malaysia, with undocumented workers driving the number higher into the millions.

Last July, former Malaysian human resources minister Datuk Seri M. Saravanan and his Indonesian counterpart Ida Fauziyah acknowledged the need to tackle human trafficking and agreed that the ministry need to speed up the deportation of undocumented migrants, especially those from vulnerable groups.

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