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Hannah Yeoh donates RM29,000 to mosque, but netizens accused of having hidden agenda

Social NewsHannah Yeoh donates RM29,000 to mosque, but netizens accused of having hidden...

Living in a multi-cultural community like Malaysia requires a lot of understanding and tolerance and there are many unexpected instances where we need the assistance from people of the other races.

Recently, Minister of Youth and Sports and Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh donated RM29,000 to the management of the Al-Imam Al-Ghazali Mosque to help them purchase a hearse.

According to Astro Awani, Hannah revealed that the mosque had collected funds from the public but is still not enough and was lacking RM29,000 to make the purchase.

“I have seen their application papers and I have channeled RM29,000 to meet the allocation,” she said.

“I believe this hearse will benefit the people of Segambut, who are in need as renting an ordinary van is quite expensive.”

While on her Facebook page, Hannah said that politicians of the past emphasized on looking after the people of their own race and this culture stop end here and now.

“That kind of thinking must be discontinued because the year is now 2022 and the unity government must ensure that all representatives who have received the mandate from the people will serve for the good of all,” she wrote.

Source: Facebook

She’s doing it with a hidden agenda!

Although Hannah acted out of her own kindness, it appears some netizens were not happy with it and accused her of doing it for a hidden agenda.

“That’s danger in disguise,” a netizen said.

“Smart at disguising to capture the hearts of those who don’t know her yet,” another netizen said.

On the other hand, some netizens defended Hannah and praised her for being colour blind when it comes to lending a helping hand.

“There are many Malays who are prejudice and like to bad-mouth others. Even more so when it comes to bad-mouthing other races. This is embarrassing,” a netizen said.

“It’s really difficult. Even if we threaten people with sincerity, only God knows. You are the negative one who is accusing others. If you look back at yourself, what did you give to society? Please stop being negative all the time,” another netizen said.

What do you think about this? Do you think that society is more polarised than ever? Share your thoughts!

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