Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Famous Bukit Gasing Bungalow that was once abandoned is now sold for RM4.4 million

Social NewsFamous Bukit Gasing Bungalow that was once abandoned is now sold for...

Despite the rumours, an auction site recently declared that the SG house would be sold at auction in December. The mansion reportedly went on the market more than five years ago, but nobody has bought it because of its past.

This luxurious villa in Bukit Gasing has been abandoned for years, but it has finally been sold! If you weren’t aware, this cottage is well-known for the eerie tale it left behind. We wonder who had the guts to ultimately purchase it since it was allegedly the scene of two horrifying murders.

A real estate agent by the name of Muhammad Ishaq recently announced the transaction via a Facebook post. Along with a couple of house pictures, the caption reads, “SOLD TODAY RM4.4 MILLION!! Congratulations!“.

Based on an earlier publication from 2021, the price of this opulent bungalow was decreased from RM6 million to RM4.4 million, a RM1.6 million difference! Additionally, considering that the bungalow is situated in the prestigious Bukit Gasing, it has been hypothesised that it is truly worth considerably more than that.

Despite winning the prize, the house is constantly plagued by creepy rumours of Sanjay Gill, his lover, and his wife Shalini being murdered. However, it appears that the same real estate agent, Muhammad Ishaq, disproved that notion. He worked for the bungalow owner, who is still very much alive, so his narrative appeared credible. To read more about it, click here.

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