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Watch: TikToker pokes fun at M’sians’ Bahasa Melayu by mistranslating them

Social NewsWatch: TikToker pokes fun at M'sians' Bahasa Melayu by mistranslating them

Even though we may speak the same language, the terms used vary from person to person. On a larger scale, languages would be localised to suit the particular culture and geographical location.

However, an Indonesian TikToker who is currently residing in Sabah pokes fun at Malaysian’s use of Bahasa Melayu by making content that compares three languages — Indonesian, English and Malay.

In a viral TikTok video, user @sluggish_journey posted a video that mistranslates the Malay language used by Malaysians. Among them were penunggu maling (security), doktor gila (psychiatrist), bilik berenung (toilet).

While the English translations were accurate, not all of the Malay translations were accurate. Nonetheless, the content creator was seen laughing at every Malay-translated word and phrase.

It is also not clear if the mistranslations were intentional to poke fun at Malaysian’s use of the Malay language, but netizens were not happy with the content creator spreading misinformation and disrespecting the language.

“Misleading others to make fun of Malaysia. This is unacceptable and disgraceful act especially if she is doing this for her ‘content’ and ‘jokes’,” a netizen said.

“This is purely disrespectful and racist. Please note that if all the words are correct, it could be a joke, but its not. Besides being not funny, she also gave misleading information, none of those words are being used here by Malaysians. Maling? it is obviously Indonesian,” another netizen commented.

Not the first time

Following the backlash, the content creator took down the viral video. Apparently, this is not the first time she poke fun of Malaysian’s Bahasa Melayu.

The TikToker once posted another language comparison video where the Malay translations were not accurate to the context.

What do you about this? Do you think that she was intentionally poking fun at Malaysians or she got the wrong translator?

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