Monday, January 30, 2023

Rafizi: I’ll deal with PN’s hateful comments after office hours

NewsRafizi: I'll deal with PN's hateful comments after office hours

Newly minted Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli made a promise that he will not be mixing up his ministerial duties with his role as PKR deputy president to combat the inflammatory sentiments played by the Perikatan Nasional (PN) opposition.

In a Facebook post, Rafizi said he is aware that PN is toying with such sentiments rather than giving constructive criticisms against the government policies as any effective opposition should.

He said the government’s priority now is to focus on policies and implementing effective projects that help people prepare for the economic challenges of 2023 which are expected to further test the country’s economic resilience.

“We are paid by the rakyat to work for the nation. Thus, we cannot use our working time to carry out our political duties.”

“PN/PAS thought that being the opposition means to raise hateful sentiments. They forgot that the opposition needs to understand policies, monitor its implementation, and voice the people’s challenges,” said Rafizi.

Rafizi said that starting next week, he will begin to issue statements as the PKR deputy president to combat these the sentiments played up by PN after settling his responsibilities as the minister-in-charge of economic affairs.

Campaigning for state elections

He added that he will begin campaigning for state elections next January.

“We will campaign on the platform of PKR and Ayuh Malaysia just as we did before the formation of the unity government without any involvement or even funding from the government,” he said.

“Campaigning will be conducted in our own time such as at night or during weekends so that there is no clash of responsibilities as a minister and my role in the party. It is time for us to change the political culture.”

At the same time, he also reminded Malaysians about PN/PAS that when they were in the government, they were pleased with themselves and not cared for the welfare of the people. However, when they were not in the government, they were the most vocal ones.

The states of Selangor, Negri Sembilan, Penang, Terengganu, Kedah and Kelantan are expected to hold their state elections by the middle of next year before their terms end.

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