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Here’s how to detect hidden cameras in Airbnb & Hotel Rooms when traveling

Social NewsHere's how to detect hidden cameras in Airbnb & Hotel Rooms when...

Many people take the opportunity to travel during the school holidays at the end of this year.

Of course, we will book a hotel room or Airbnb around the tourist area. As soon as we check-in at the hotel, we will adjust to the room for the stay during the vacation.

However, did you know that there could actually be many hidden cameras in the room? So, to ensure safety and protect your privacy, you and your family should check the whole room first.

Want to know how to check? Let’s follow these tips!

One of China’s state broadcasters, CCTV recently released a tutorial on how to detect if a camera is hidden in your Airbnb or hotel room

Shanghaiist reports that there are two ways to detect the installation of hidden cameras in your room.

1. Shine a flashlight in the cracks of the area or small holes

Make sure you check the wall socket, tissue box, clock, shampoo bottle, air conditioner, wifi router and other equipment in the room. Usually, hidden cameras are installed in these devices.

According to the report, the hidden camera has a special coating that will reflect green or blue light if there is light shining on it. Because of this, make sure you turn on the light to all the equipment in the room.

2. Turn off the room lights, use your phone’s front camera to scan the room

You need to turn off all the lights in the room and close any curtains to detect hidden cameras.

Normally, hidden cameras will reflect a flashing light. Scan using the front camera, if a flashing purple light appears on your camera, there may be a hidden camera.

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