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Anwar: Ministers who were found to be corrupted will be sacked immediately

NewsAnwar: Ministers who were found to be corrupted will be sacked immediately

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim warned his Cabinet ministers that anyone involved in bribery or misuse of power will be sacked immediately.

Anwar reiterated that he will not compromise on such culture in the unity government, while stressing the importance of good governance.

“I have informed the Cabinet ministers whom I have chosen that first and foremost, there should be no corruption.”

“I have also informed all component party leaders that if any minister is involved in corruption, I will seek their mandate to sack them immediately,” he was quoted as saying by The Edge.

Anwar said this reminder is not a political gimmick and is confident that he can free the country of corruption.

He then reminded all politicians to prove that the political arena is not a platform to show off their wealth or power as this will only cause a dispute over the authority of Islam.

“I want to prove there are Malays who use their power to defend Islam, I want to prove there are Malays who uphold the principles of mercy and justice in Malaysia. We must always be vigilant, so that division can be avoided,” he said.

Government agencies need to be transparent

He added that he will ensure entities such as the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) are always transparent in carrying out their duties and that no one can escape the punishment meted out by the court.

Meanwhile, Anwar said he was given the mandate by the people to lead the country in a situation where the debt had exceeded RM1 trillion and this calls for better governance.

“I have been given the mandate with regard to the debt of over RM1 trillion from agencies that were reviewed to find the leakages, and this is not ‘fitnah’ (accusation).”

“I’ve worked hard to scrutinise all the files, and we will delay several projects, re-examined or cancelled… if we want to spend, we must be thorough. This is a matter of governance,” he said.

Anwar then said that the management of the country must be done by following the right order and rules.

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