Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Netflix is ending password sharing

Tech & GamesNetflix is ending password sharing

It goes without saying that Netflix wants us to stop sharing our password.

When the business was expanding for years, they were content to ignore cases when consumers let others to use their Netflix login.

Because of the decline in subscribers, Netflix will begin to penalise freeloaders.

One household may only have one Netflix account.

How is a household defined? According to Netflix, they use data like IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity to identify people who live in the same household. Be prepared to spend more if you want to continue sharing your Netflix login with someone.

Netflix stated that they would begin charging for account sharing in 2023 but did not provide any other information.

Netflix will charge you more if they find that your account is being used by more than one family.

The business has already trialled this arrangement in a few smaller nations, where each additional user was paid US$2.99 (RM13) per month. The price for each extra user has not been disclosed by Netflix.

How can you tell if someone else is using your account? What if you accidentally left your Netflix session open while you were at home for Christmas last year using grandma’s new smart TV?

What if your ex-boyfriend found out you were watching Netflix on his laptop?

A new feature that allows account users to observe and control previous login activity has been launched by Netflix.

You can see every device that is signed into your account and choose whether or not to log it out.

This function is fantastic, but what if someone else knows your login information? You should receive an email from Netflix informing you that a new device is utilising your account if you log out of that ex-laptop boyfriend’s and he logs in again. You must log them out once more and modify your password if you want to keep them from coming back in.

When you are logged into Netflix on your computer, you will find the page to adjust your access and devices as well as a link to reset your password under the Account settings.

Profile switches In order to prevent your viewing preferences from becoming muddled if someone else is using your account.

They can move their profile from your account to their own new Netflix account if the individual using your login wants to create their own Netflix account and save their viewing data (including their watchlist and which episodes they’ve already watched).

The profile transfer function is located at the bottom of your settings screen or on the main menu in the top right corner of the screen. Simply adhere to the on-screen instructions.

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