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Malaysians wants Anthony Loke to improve the quality of Road Tax Sticker

Social NewsMalaysians wants Anthony Loke to improve the quality of Road Tax Sticker

Although paying road tax isn’t the most enjoyable activity, it is absolutely compulsory for all vehicles registered in Malaysia to be able to legally drive on Malaysian roads. Even if you are the best and safest driver there is, you risk getting into problems if your automobile doesn’t have a road tax sticker.

Having saying that, the sticker has drawn a lot of criticism. The sticker is rather delicate and is easily pulled off when you open it, thus the concerns are more about the quality of the sticker than the process of purchasing it. Given how much attention this Twitter user’s issue is receiving, it appears that not much has changed.

On Twitter, @hellioz666 shared a picture of their brand-new road tax sticker. Unfortunately for the netizen, the picture revealed that they had attempted to open the sticker when it was torn. In an effort to get Anthony Loke, the current minister of transportation, to take notice of their complaint, the user felt free to vent their frustration by tagging him in their post.

“I’m asking @anthonyloke to take a look at this stupid JPJ vendor. I just opened the road tax sticker and it got torn immediately. This is really inconvenient for all car owners in Malaysia!” said the Twitter user. 

Following the tweet’s going viral, other netizens commented on the post, agreeing that the road tax stickers’ brittleness had caused them numerous troubles.

Most people want the sticker’s quality to be improved because they paid a lot of money for it. Some argue that it ought to be digitalized in its place. Others agreed that it could be somewhat messy but explained why the stickers are so readily ripped.

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