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Japanese woman shares her amazing discovery in FamilyMart Malaysia, rates Oden as the best!

Social NewsJapanese woman shares her amazing discovery in FamilyMart Malaysia, rates Oden as...

FamilyMart is expanding fast in Malaysia and is one of the most recognisable brands from Japan. The chain of convenient stores offer a wide range of delicious Japanese bites, and it is especially convenient for those in a rush.

However, not many know that the local FamilyMart chain also serves several unique menu items that have been made for Malaysians.

Recently, a Japanese woman who went on a trip in Malaysia shares her amazing discovery about the local FamilyMart chain.

In a TikTok video by user @durianator, Google New York employee Mariko Kosaka begins her keynote speech by sharing with her audiences the findings at FamilyMart Malaysia.

Source: FamilyMart

Among the gems she found was that FamilyMart Malaysia offers Mala Chicken Onigiri, which is a riceball that contains cooked pieces of chicken made in the popular Szechuan mala style.

“Japanese people can’t do spicy food. Concept of mala doesn’t exist in Japan,” she said.

Next, Mariko shared about the Crawfish Onigiri, which she said is not a seafood that Japanese people tend to eat traditionally. Nonetheless, she does admit that she is curious about its taste and wants to try some.

She then shared about the Garlic Mayo Shrimp Onigiri, which she was puzzled by its existence.


She’s Mariko Kosaka from Google New York #devfest2022

♬ original sound – durianator

Localised Oden gets 10/10

Lastly, Mariko shared about a discovery which she thinks is the best from FamilyMart Malaysia — Oden.

According to Mariko, Oden in Japan is fish cakes that are cooked and served in a light, savoury broth. “Oden in Japanese context is like a very, like simple bland fish broth.” she shared.

However, you get to choose either a simple broth or a kick with their tomyam broth or satay sauce in the localised version.

“This is genius. You guys should import that back to Tokyo. You will do really well,” she lauded.

In the comment section, Malaysians were amused by her reaction to the local FamilyMart snacks and recommended she try other ‘localised’ Japanese food.

“Wait till they see Malaysian takoyaki… takoyaki should be baby octopus but we had sausage, chicken, and crab stick version hahaha,” a netizen said.

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