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Here’s how to access 5G for free if you have U Mobile’s 5G-Ready Plan

Tech & GamesHere's how to access 5G for free if you have U Mobile's...

Many of us have been excitedly awaiting the availability of 5G for our own phone plans as it continues to be deployed in some areas and telco firms. Users of U Mobile can now finally stop waiting.

As long as users are utilising 5G compatible phones inside a 5G network area, they can now enjoy the luxury of surfing the 5G network. The real deal? Existing customers with 5G-ready plans can do this right away at no extra cost.

Interested? Here is all the information you require.

Why 5G?

5G is 10-100 times quicker than your normal data speed when compared to its 4G forerunner. No matter how quick your 4G data is, 5G will unquestionably outperform it by a wide margin. Additionally, it offers you a thousand more connections, five times faster answers, and is five times more energy efficient.

With these statistics in mind, switching to 5G whenever and whenever you can is clearly the best course of action.

As you are already aware, U Mobile customers can now access 5G. You might wonder how users might make advantage of this feature. It’s actually much simpler than you might think!

Postpaid and Prepaid customers who already have 5G capabilities can now take advantage of 5G without incurring any additional fees or effort on their part. Postpaid U Postpaid 98, U Postpaid 68, U Postpaid 38, and U FamilyShare as well as Prepaid U25, U35, and U40 plans are eligible.

Users of Prepaid U35 will be pleased to know that U35 offerings have been improved! With U Mobile’s FREE unlimited 5G Weekends, U35 subscribers can now enjoy a superior 5G experience for no additional cost! Every weekend, from Saturday midnight to Sunday 11:59 PM, subscribers will be entitled to use limitless, uncapped 4G and 5G high-speed data. All you have to do to take advantage of it is redeem it once a week through the MyUMobile app! U Mobile has recently unveiled its most recent U40 Prepaid package. Customers who subscribe can take use of unlimited 5G Weekends, just like those who utilise their U35 package.

Users of U Mobile’s free Speed Booster, which speeds up your data to 5G speeds, are also eligible for the U25 plan. The 30 hour speed booster is redeemable through the MyUMobile App at no additional cost or add-on purchases.

Users of U Postpaid can take advantage of new plans with up to 1,000 5G data without paying anything more when they switch. There won’t be a separation between 4G and 5G quotas, so if you’re concerned about a limited 5G quota, don’t be. With no FUP or speed cap, you can utilise your 5G to the fullest according to your normal data allocation.

Do not possess a 5G capable phone. You will nevertheless receive Speed Boosters for Prepaid plans and Uncapped Speed for Postpaid subscribers! This is so U Mobile ensures that its customers don’t miss out on anything.

What Are You Awaiting?

More mid-range phones are currently getting 5G support, while entry-level 5G-capable smartphones are already on the Malaysian market. Check out this DNB device list to find out if your phone is 5G compatible if you’re not sure.

Visit U Mobile’s website for additional details, and like them on Facebook to receive updates on new offers and promotions. Visit the following URL to see places with 5G availability and compatible devices: u.com.my/5Gnow.

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