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Authorities urged residents of Taman Halaman, Ampang to evacuate due to landslide warning

NewsAuthorities urged residents of Taman Halaman, Ampang to evacuate due to landslide...

Residents living in Taman Halaman, Ampang have been advised to evacuate from their homes as a precautionary measure, said Hulu Langat District Disaster Management Committee chairman Ani Ahmad.

According to Bernama, Ani said that the ongoing rain caused the slope behind their homes to become unstable.

“So far, the residents of two of the affected houses have agreed to move out. However, some residents refuse to do so due to several factors, including telling the authorities that their homes have retaining walls.”

“We have verbally informed them of any risk that may occur and they are willing to take the risks. We have also advised them to take precautions such as not sleeping at the back of the house,” she said.

She explained that the owners of the properties bought the land from the developer and the slope is part of their property.

“We can’t do anything, but we understand the cost to repair the slope is very high. Tomorrow, Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) will help examine conditions at the top of the slope and help efforts to clean up and install canvas. Homeowners are advised to conduct slope strengthening measures,” she said.

Authorities monitoring the situation

He added that the agency had requested the assistance from security agencies, including the Fire and Rescue Department, police, and the Civil Defence Force to monitor the situation at the location last night (9 December).

Speaking to the press, Choong Zee Foon said he came to learn of the incident after being informed by his neighbour.

“This is not the first time it has happened, but it is the second time my house is affected. There was a landslide in December last year and house repairs have yet to be done,” he said.

Yesterday evening, six individuals, including an elderly woman, avoided injury during the landslide that occurred. However, their houses were damaged in the incident.

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