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“Please do not break the rule,” DBKL confiscates tables and chairs of stubborn street vendors

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While street food in the city made its name, some of these vendors are becoming a nuisance to others. As a result, the authorities had to take action against those who were found to have violated the local rules.

Recently, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has posted a couple of images of its officers confiscating the tables and chairs that were placed along the sidewalks near LRT Wangsa Maju.

In a Facebook post, DBKL said that it noted the need for some of us in the community is earning a living by selling things by the road, and they had introduced several initiatives to help this part of the community obtain proper licences.

However, DBKL stressed the importance of being considerate to the road users too.

“While making a living, we need to put the comfort of others into consideration as well, like the road users and the pedestrians,” it said.

Source: Facebook

Being considerate is the key

DBKL said that it does not stop any food vendors from running their businesses but they need to be more considerate and not cause any problems such as traffic congestion or irritated pedestrians who don’t get to use the sheltered sidewalks.

“If we receive several complaints, we are forced to take appropriate action. Just like what we did at the sidewalks near LRT Wangsa Maju.

At the end of the post, DBKL reminded fellow vendors to always abide by the rules while operating their businesses.

“If the rules are followed, the society will be happy. We want to live comfortably together, right?” the City Hall added.

Malaysians agree with DBKL!

In the comment section, netizens supported DBKL’s move to confiscate the stubborn vendors’ tables and chairs to prevent them from bringing nuisance to the community.

“Well done DBKL! Please have a look at the vendors who build structures by the road too. Earning a living and starting a business is not wrong, but please do not conduct your business in places that are not for that purpose,” a netizen said.

“That’s right. Please do not conduct your business until it causes problems for the community, especially the OKUs and elderly. Good job. DBKL,” another netizen said.

Do you agree with DBKL’s move to confiscate these vendors’ tables and chairs? Share your thoughts!

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