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M’sian gets ‘threats’ from Airbnb operator for giving bad review

Social NewsM'sian gets 'threats' from Airbnb operator for giving bad review

When giving a review, we should always give our honest review so that it will not mislead others into buying something that is inferior or a bad service.

Recently, a Facebook user took her unpleasant experience of staying at a certain Airbnb unit in MSU Shah Alam to the review section and was threatened by the operator with a lawsuit.

In a Facebook post, Myra said the Airbnb unit was advertised to have a ‘luxury concept’, but it was not up to expectations at all.

Source: Facebook

She said that she booked the unit and paid about RM400 for her family’s stay but was suddenly slapped with additional charges when the host contacted her.

“Out of a sudden, he asked how many people would be staying there. We answered that the group had six adults and two children. However, he later demanded RM59 for each additional person there. That’s crazy, we had not heard of a homestay that charges according to the number of people staying,” she said.

After negotiating, the host gave a discount and charges her RM29 for each additional person. At this point in time, she paid about RM550 (RM29 x 5 + RM400).

However, it did not stop there, and the additional charges are even more and more. The family discovered they could not park inside the building until they pay an extra RM20 per vehicle.

Apparently, these charges were not specified in the operator’s profile.

Source: Facebook

The unit was not in good condition too

After they entered the unit, they found that the place was not in a good condition. They even noticed the damaged ceiling that could collapse at any moment.

Having experiencing that, Myra wrote an honest review about the unit on the Airbnb website. Shortly after, she received a message from the host threatening to bring her to the courts for her ‘bad review’.

When asked for further explanation regarding certain processes, the host only insisted that it was part of the agreement before the guests’ stay.

Meanwhile, netizens defended Myra and said that the host had no rights to sue her for writing a review. Some also noted that the host deleted their old account just to create a new one without any ‘bad reviews’.

At the time of writing, neither Myra nor Airbnb has provided an update on this matter. We hope that the service provider will resolve this as soon as possible so that no guests will fall for such scams again.

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