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US insurance company ranks Malaysia as 18th most deadly country to travel

Malaysia is one of the most popular destinations for travel. Our country is steeped in history and rich in culture, and there is never a dull moment for the inquisitive traveller. 

Despite our country is lauded for its peaceful and diverse population, trendy hot-spots and modern cuisine, as well as the sandy beaches or highland rainforests, we are ranked the 18th most dangerous country in the world for tourists to visit.

According to the Travel Safety Index (TSI) report by US insurance company The Swiftest, Malaysia is given an overall score of -176.17, with a D+ ranking.

The study utilised data from official global organisations and took into account 7 safety risk factors for 50 of the most-visited countries.

The factors included homicide deaths, road traffic deaths, poisoning deaths, death from poor hygiene condition, lives lost due to communicable diseases, lives lost due to injury, and natural disaster risk index.

The countries were then given rankings ranging from A+ to F.

Source: The Swiftest

South Africa the deadliest country, while Singapore the safest

South Africa was ranked the deadliest country to be visited by tourists, followed by India and the Dominican Republic.

As for Malaysia, we got an ‘F’ in road traffic accidents and the life years lost due to the communicable diseases department. However, Malaysia managed to get a ‘B+’ score for unsanitary conditions mortality rate and a ‘B’ for homicide deaths.

On the other hand, Singapore was ranked the safest country to travel to, with a rank of ‘A+’ and an overall score of -43.43.

“What makes Singapore so safe? Well, crime does not pay in Singapore. The consequences for committing crimes in Singapore are incredibly high, even for ‘smaller’ crimes.”

“Combined with high surveillance and police presence, this makes Singapore the world’s safest country for travel,” the report reads.

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