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Transport Minister Anthony Loke goes on a spot-check at LRT station on his first day of work!

Over the past few months, Malaysians have seen several breakdowns and service interruptions in the public transport system, and this brought inconvenience to many people, especially city-dwellers.

On his first day of work, the newly-appointed Transport Minister Anthony Loke went on a spot-check by going onboard the LRT during rush hours to identify the issues that passengers were met with on their journey.

In a Facebook post, Loke said that he spent 2 hours experiencing the service of the LRT Kelana Jaya line during peak hours which was 5 pm to 7 pm.

“The train was crowded and it is definitely uncomfortable for the passengers,” he said.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, Loke said that he did not notify Prasarana or the media because he wanted to experience what commuters had to endure every day on a first-hand basis.

“I understand the difficulties LRT passengers had to endure. I will hold a meeting with Prasarana’s top management this week to discuss the directions and ways to improve our public transport services,” Loke said.

In the couple of pictures he shared, Loke was seen going incognito with a black mask and cap. With this appearance, he blended well into the crowd as he observed the ongoings at the LRT stations.

Apart from the trains, it appears that Loke did checks on the LRT stations themselves, as well as the elevators and escalators.

He’s the real people’s representative!

Loke’s post has since gone viral with many Malaysians praising him for taking immediate action to resolve the problem that has long plague the country.

“Without doubt, the best people minister whom really care about how normal ordinary people works and suffered day in day out commuting using public services. Proud and salute YB. Thanks for taking care of people,” a netizen said.

“This is exactly what I hope the ministers could do! Looking forward to a better transportation system in Malaysia under your leadership!” another netizen said.

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