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Tengku Zafrul justifies his absence from First Cabinet Meeting

Social NewsTengku Zafrul justifies his absence from First Cabinet Meeting

Many people were upset to learn that Tengku Zafrul wasn’t present during PM10 Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s first special cabinet meeting.

Following that, many rumours said that Tengku Zafrul had travelled to Doha, Qatar, to witness the World Cup. Tengku Zafrul explained his absence from the conference in a 2-minute video.

He stated at the outset of the video that he had heard the rumours floating around and had clarified that he had actually travelled to Abu Dhabi and not Doha, Qatar.

“The world cup is held in Qatar, Doha, not Abu Dhabi. There’s no world cup held there, and I wasn’t on a trip for leisure. For us ministers, we are not allowed to leave the country as and when we like.

If we need to leave the country or be absent from cabinet meetings, we’d need to get permission from the prime minister. After I was sworn in, I immediately went to MITI to let them know about the trip. I flew out on Sunday and on Monday I was there to witness the signing of unconventional oil resources deal with ADNOC”, he said.

He continued by saying that Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, the CEO of Petronas, and other dignitaries attended the signing event. The deal between the two countries is regarded as significant for the oil and gas business, he said, adding that the Sultan of the United Arab Emirates was also present at the occasion.

“I’ve also taken the opportunity to visit the MARTRADE office located in Dubai. For your information, MARTRADE is currently having an expo called “the big 5″ and the duration of the expo will be held from 5 – 8 December 2022”, he added.

He then concluded the video by announcing that he will offer a thorough overview of the signed agreement as well as other crucial issues at the future cabinet meeting.

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