Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Watch: M’sian motorcyclists hog road while chatting, another tries to overtake but causes an accident

Social NewsWatch: M'sian motorcyclists hog road while chatting, another tries to overtake but...

There’s a saying that goes, “roads are as dangerous as a tiger’s mouth”. While it is impossible for us avoid using roads, we should always follow the safety guidelines to reduce the risk of getting into an accident.

Recently, a video showed a group of motorcyclists hogging the road and chatting with each other getting into an accident when a lone motorcyclist attempts to overtake them.

In the video, the group can be seen riding slowly with the lone motorcyclist following behind them. However, when he tried to overtake them, he accidentally crashed into one of them.

Both of them then fell from their bikes and rolled on the ground due to the impact.

While the extent of their injuries was not reported, it definitely does not look good.

Your father’s road?

In the comment section, netizens were quick to condemn the group of motorcyclists for hogging the road as if it was their parents’ road.

“A lesson for them, ourselves, as well as the public. We need to keep some distance from each other when we are on the bike and not gather that way,” a netizen said.

“Only after an accident occurs, they go to the side. If not, they will continue to hog the road while chatting. I seriously hate those who ride like this, I feel like ramming into them as they make it looks like its their parents’ road. If they get into an accident, I am not sympathetic because of their dumbness while riding the motorcycle,” another netizen said.

On the other hand, a minority of them think that it was the lone motorcyclist’s fault for trying to overtake the convoy.

“The lone motorcyclist tried to take over the chatting convoy, who’s fault do you think it is?” a netizen asked.

Either way, we wish both of them a speedy recovery. What do you think about this accident? Share your thoughts!

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