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“Flying a kite by the road is extremely dangerous” M’sian shares story of his father getting cut by a kite string while he is on his motorcycle

Social News"Flying a kite by the road is extremely dangerous" M'sian shares story...

The kite looks like a harmless toy but is actually a deadly one. Recently, a netizen took to his Facebook page to warn other motorists about the danger of playing with kites by the road, after his father suffered a grave injury.

According to Facebook user Edmund Seow, he returned home and saw his father coming out from the bathroom after his shower.

He then pointed at his neck and asked both Edmund and his wife to look what happened to him.

“I had short-slightness and my mother’s eyesight was poor due to her age. Neither of us had our glasses on. But we still managed to see that he sustained a thin gash around the right-side of his neck,” he said.

“What happened to you?” Edmund asked in shock.

Source: Facebook

Invisible string around the neck

His father explained that when he was on his motorcycle earlier during the day, he felt something invisible around his neck, tugging against him. He added that the force almost made him fell to the ground.

The incident took place while he was on his way home from Rivercity Business Park in Batu Pahat, Johor.

It turns out that Edmund’s father was ensnared by a thin piece of kite string that came from a group of children who were playing with kites along the side of the road.

“If I rode any faster, it could have slit my throat wide open,” his father said.

Source: Tuoitrenews

Do not play with kites by the road

After the incident, Edmund’s father reprimanded the children for playing with their kites near the roadway and told them not to do so as it could put other road users in danger.

Meanwhile, some netizens urged Edmund and his father to lodge a police report as this is not the first time children have been playing with kites in the Rivercity area.

“I have lectured them many times, but none of them listens to me,” a netizen said.

Kite-flying has been part of our culture and history, but it can be dangerous if you don’t follow the recommended safety guidelines when playing with one.

Some of the safety guidelines include:

  • Never fly near power lines
  • Never fly your kite near or over people
  • Never fly next to a busy road
  • Never fly near airports
  • Do not use kite string coated with metal, wax or broken glass

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