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MsPuiyi making her DJ Debut

Social NewsMsPuiyi making her DJ Debut

The first thing that comes to mind while thinking of Ms. Puiyi, alias Siew Puiyi, is how attractive she is. Ms. Puiyi may possess a variety of skills, as evidenced by the fact that she obtained a business degree and published her first song. She is typically more well-known for her OnlyFans stuff, though.

It is undeniable that MsPuiyi has made progress with her efforts on OnlyFans. Nevertheless, the influencer just revealed some unexpected news at a press conference. It appears like MsPuiyi will permanently stop using OnlyFans. Her reason? To focus on her new commitment in life, being a DJ.

As the influencer previously stated in an interview about her online identity, becoming MsPuiyi isn’t simple. After all, MsPuiyi presents itself as a brand that is “sexy, with a bold behaviour.” And while that portrayal gained her a lot of admirers and followers, it also received a lot of negative feedback. The 24-year-old has continued to do what she wants to despite this. But Ms. Puiyi believed it was time for her to move on from that portion of her life and concentrate on what she truly loves: music.

Ms. Puiyi didn’t make the decision to change her career and become a DJ on a whim. She has actually been considering becoming a DJ for more than three years! The influencer apologetically said that the epidemic had prevented her from making her anticipated debut in the past. She has, however, utilised that extra time well by developing and improving her DJing abilities.

Ms. Puiyi responded that she has always been interested in music and performing on stage when asked why she chose DJ-ing in particular. She said, “(I) wanted to be near to fans,” she said. “(It’s something that I’ve) regretted, being unable to connect (with them) on camera.”. The aspiring musician also mentioned that she had plans to publish a second single soon.

That is not to suggest that she does not take pride in her accomplishments. Who else can boast of being the first Malaysian to appear on a Penthouse cover, after all? Ms. Puiyi has stated, however, that she intends to begin devoting herself to music. And as evidence of her commitment, MsPuiyi has made the decision to permanently leave OnlyFans by the end of 2022.

Of course, it doesn’t mean she’s leaving her followers in the cold. Her prior works will still be available to those who support her. However, there won’t be any fresh material. She also pledged that her new career would not interfere with her prior endeavours. Ms. Puiyi declared that while she will still continue modelling, it will no longer be as overt.

Additionally, her social media posts are still accessible to fans. She’s actually continuing her acting career, particularly with her part in the upcoming local film “KL Love Story.” The surprise of Ms. Puiyi’s choice to relaunch and rebrand her entire career would not just be felt by her fans and followers. Many of her friends and other influential people were also caught off guard.

Mark O’Dea and Dennis Yin, two more influential people, admitted they had been shocked by the revelation. But they are both adamant that Ms. Puiyi is the only one who can pull it off. Pui Yi has the body and the brains to plan out her long-term career, according to co-star Mark. Dennis also mentioned how impressed he was with Ms. Puiyi’s understanding of social media and her ability to follow its rules.

We want to thank Ms. Puiyi for everything she has accomplished, including gaining 20 million Instagram followers. However, like many others, we’re eager to see what else Ms. Puiyi may contribute in the future. For the time being, we wish Ms. Puiyi the very best as she embarks on a new phase of her life and career.

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