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A worker from Bangladesh who consumes salty rice has RM 800,000 in savings

Social NewsA worker from Bangladesh who consumes salty rice has RM 800,000 in...

Due to the low wages they earn each month, international workers who live and work in Malaysia frequently exhibit such substandard living situations.

However, a foreign worker who has been employed in Malaysia for 19 years has disclosed that he had RM800,000 saved for his family back in Bangladesh.

RM800,000 for his family in Bangladesh

A Bangladeshi worker was seen in a video posted by @pokchek906 on TikTok enjoying his meal.

In the video, it can be seen that his meal is a plate of white rice, salt, onion, and green chili.

The Bangladeshi was then asked by @pokchek906 if he owned a home or piece of land, as well as how much money he had accumulated while working here.

In response to the OP’s inquiries, he nodded and said that he had amassed RM800,000 in Malaysian savings.

“There’s no use of keeping the money here”

Many netizens were moved by the worker’s way of life as evidenced by the video’s more than 1.8 million views and 82.7 thousand likes as of this writing.

Additionally, some internet users don’t think the Bangladeshi worker is telling the truth when he says he has RM 800,000.

@pokchey906 then posted another video explaining how the worker was able to save RM800,000.

The worker said that he receives RM5,500 for his salary and only uses RM300 monthly for his expenses.

He was able to give his family RM5,200 each month after working in Malaysia for 19 years, giving him a total of more than RM800,000.

On the other hand, he was also shown in the video consuming cucumber for dinner.

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