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18-Year-Old M’sian Teen goes missing while throwing trash, found 72 hours later

Social News18-Year-Old M'sian Teen goes missing while throwing trash, found 72 hours later

Yap Yi Wen, an 18-year-old teen who vanished while taking out the trash, was found yesterday (Nov. 28) safe and sound, much to the relief of her family.

Disappeared while throwing thrash

According to Kwong Wah Daily, Yap vanished on November 25 after leaving her family’s shophouse in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, at around 8 p.m. to pick up the rubbish.

Elaine Yap, her older sister, started posting a missing person notice on Facebook groups in a desperate attempt to find her after realising that she hadn’t returned home.

The family also filed a police report the next day, on November 26.

Yap was last seen in PPR Desa Rejang, a flat that houses the family’s shophouse.

Sister dismisses rumours

Elaine explained to Kwong Wah Daily that her sister’s propensity for being upbeat and amiable to strangers led to worries that she might have been abducted.

She also denied rumours that Yap had disappeared in order to flee domestic violence or elope with a lover.

She supported it further by mentioning that Yap wasn’t carrying her phone, wallet, or identification card when she vanished.

Found after 3 days

Thankfully, Yap’s family thankfully located her 72 hours after she vanished, where she was found to be safe and unhurt, reported Oriental Daily.

Elaine later told the Chinese daily that preliminary investigations found that Yap was abducted by a middle-aged man.

“It is inconvenient for us to disclose more details. The case has been handed over to the police for investigation,” she said.

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