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Anwar declines Mercedes S600 limo, says ‘every ringgit counts’

NewsAnwar declines Mercedes S600 limo, says 'every ringgit counts'

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said he has turned down the use of a Mercedes-Benz S600 limousine as his new official car and will instead use whichever vehicle that is readily available for him.

Taking it to his official Facebook page, Anwar reiterated that he did not want public funds to be spent on him. This is also his latest gesture to signal his commitment towards restoring the country’s economy, after saying he would turn down his salary as the prime minister.

The S600 model was priced at over RM1.7 million when it was launched in Malaysia but it has since been discontinued.

Meanwhile, when speaking at a prayer event held at the Ashabus Solihin mosque in Sungai Long, Selangor earlier this week, Anwar also said that he would not be carrying out any renovations at the Prime Minister’s office.

Anwar brings in new culture

According to Free Malaysia Today, Anwar has been promoting a new culture in his administration that avoids wastages because ‘every ringgit counts’.

“Think of what you can save — RM100, RM1000, RM10,000 — which can be returned to the poor. I started with a commitment not to take a salary, but what’s important is not to waste what funds we have,”

“This is a message to all department leaders to remember that in the current situation we should start a new culture. Don’t use government money for our own facilities,” he added.

Since Anwar was appointed prime minister, he has assumed an austere image. He has also repeatedly stressed that politicians should not look to join his administration in the pursuit of wealth and luxury.

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