Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Elephant baby suffered and died after being hit by a Perodua Viva

Social NewsElephant baby suffered and died after being hit by a Perodua Viva

The elephant unexpectedly crossed the road near Lahad Datu, Sabah, and the motorist was unable to stop in time.

Yesterday morning in Sabah, a baby elephant perished after being struck by an approaching Perodua Viva on Kilometre 13, Jalan Lahad Datu-Sandakan.

When the elephant unexpectedly crossed the road at 2.16am, the Perodua Viva driver was unable to manoeuvre in time to avoid it. Sadly, the little elephant passed away there and then. Although the front of the car was damaged, the driver remained unharmed.

After being taken for an autopsy, the elephant’s remains were buried.

Advice for preventing wildlife collisions

Being aware of both their and our own safety is a necessary part of coexisting with nature.

Drive carefully

Driving slowly is safer, especially in areas with poor lighting, and it increases your chances of not hitting any wildlife.

Use the high beam

When you’re travelling in low visibility, the high beam is useful. Both sides of the street are illuminated, as well as further down the street.

Animals, on the other hand, might not move from the road if they are caught in the high beam’s trance. Lower the lights (but don’t flash them), slow down, and honk your automobile horn to get them to move.

Animals require time to move off the road since they don’t react to danger the same way that people do. Always maintain your composure.

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