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Selangor assemblyman calls for a ban on PAS as it has been spreading hatred and misinformation

NewsSelangor assemblyman calls for a ban on PAS as it has been...

A Selangor assemblyman has called for a ban on PAS for they had been spreading hatred, misinformation and refusing to adhere to campaigning rules set by the Election Commission.

Speaking at the Selangor Legislative Assembly sitting on Thursday (24 November), Taman Templer state assemblyman Mohd Sany Hamzan slammed the fact that PAS got away scot-free despite conducting ceramah that contains untrue allegations during the recent election campaign.

“They won seats in the election by spreading slander, not at night, but during the day,” Sany said.

“They also claimed that we Pakatan Harapan (PH) are communist and that we want to dissolve the federal constitution, that we are anti-monarchy, we are anti-Islam.”

“Here in Selangor, PH has been in power for 15 years, the Sultan still exists, the Malay rights, masjid, ‘tazkirah’ and ‘usrah’ still ongoing, everything still intact,” the state lawmaker added.

When PAS does it, it’s ‘halal’

Meanwhile, Sany also said that he witnessed several deliberate attempts by the Perikatan Nasional (PN) component party to slander PH with the use of race and religion.

“Islam forbids slanderous defamatory practice. When it falls on other people, they said it’s apt. But when it is directed at them, they said it is all forbidden, all ‘halal’.”

“I would like to request this certain party to be banned because it is ruining the country. They are riding on the vehicle of religion, they are selling and at the same time, they are traitors of Islam. Yes, I am so angry about this,” he said.

The Selangor Legislative Assembly representatives are discussing the 15th general election as well as the anti-hopping law passed by Parliament this year.

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