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M’sians are excited after discovering the pen Anwar used at his swearing-in ceremony on the internet

NewsM'sians are excited after discovering the pen Anwar used at his swearing-in...

Many Malaysians who had their eyes riveted to the screen (November 24) watched Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s swearing-in ceremony. For a lot of them, Anwar Ibrahim becoming prime minister was not only a dream come true for the man himself but also for Malaysians as a whole, who were moved and even choked up at the prospect.

During the ceremony, some keen-eyed internet users did notice something else. Some Malaysians saw that Anwar used the Artline 210 writing pen, a common pen we could easily buy at any stationery store, to sign the paperwork. RM3 is normally the maximum price.

The pen we use is typically not noticed by anyone, however the pen Anwar was holding attracted the attention of many Malaysians. The We Are Malaysians Facebook page posted a number of images of PM10 using the pen, and online users couldn’t contain their excitement and indicated interest in buying the pen.

Others who use the same pen have previously shared their experiences on the internet.

Is Anwar the only PM who uses this pen?

As delighted as some of us are about the writing pen, PM10 is not the only person using the Artline 210 Writing Pen, according to the Facebook page MyPenang Circles. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin and Tun Dr. Mahathir previously signed documents with the exact same pen.

Fellow Malaysians, do you now use or have you ever used an Artline 210 Writing Pen? How do you feel about the pen? Do you feel satisfied with it?

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