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Ms. Puiyi was fined for hitting another car with her Pink Porsche

Social NewsMs. Puiyi was fined for hitting another car with her Pink Porsche

Of course, getting into a car accident is one of the risks of driving. Accidents can still occur while you’re driving inside the speed limit. Did you know that from January to September of this year, Malaysia saw more than 400k traffic accidents, resulting in more than 4.3k fatalities? The number of accident cases has increased by 58% from previous year.

This is why it is essential to drive carefully at all times. When it comes to driving, celebrities and us are not all that dissimilar. Just because some of them drive expensive vehicles doesn’t automatically make them better drivers. If they are not careful, they could potentially damage themselves or other people, and it appears that one of our influencers was driving recklessly.

@hypemalaysia Ouch! MsPuiyi accidentally crashed her expensive Pink Porsche while driving on the road. #mspuiyi #mspuiyiaccident #mspuiyicarcrash ♬ original sound – hypemalaysia

Sadly, online sensation MsPuiyi was involved in an automobile accident (Thursday, November 24). The influencer told her followers what happened in a series of Instagram stories that she uploaded. The first post featured a picture of the 24-year-old woman happily driving her Porsche down a highway with the caption “It went from this,” implying that something negative would occur in the subsequent post.

The originator of the content then published the follow-up article to disclose that she had collided with the vehicle in front of her. Later, the damage to her pink car was revealed in the next tale, where we can see that the right headlight has been broken and the car’s bumper has been severely dented and shredded. After that, the contentious celebrity tweeted a picture of herself in front of the police station with the caption, “I reported it and got fined.”

The Penthouse cover girl later posted the identical images on her Facebook page to inform her friends and fans of what had occurred. Fans expressed their worries about the influencer, questioning if she was alright with some of their cautionary advice. Fortunately, based on the pictures, Ms. Puiyi doesn’t seem to have suffered any damages from the collision.

The 28-year-old told her admirers that, fortunately, neither she nor anyone else was hurt in the collision. Just let’s hope they both drive more cautiously the next time.

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