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“Please unblock me, Anwar!” M’sian requested Anwar to unblock him after his change of opinion

Social News"Please unblock me, Anwar!" M'sian requested Anwar to unblock him after his...

Social media is the platform where we share our life, ideas as well as criticisms. However, if what you are sharing has caused much annoyance to somebody, they can choose to block you to prevent either one of you from receiving messages or notification from the other.

Recently, a Malaysian Twitter user took it online to beg Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to unblock him on the social media platform and forgive him for his past criticisms.

The Twitter user @kojie_yama even changed his name on the platform to ‘Harapan Utk Anwar Ibrahim Unblocked‘ (Hoping for Anwar to unblock) to show his devotion.

Source: Twitter

“I wanted Anwar to be the 10th prime minister although he has blocked me. That was all in the past. Nurul Izzah, please help me to convey this message to your father. I am now hated by my family just for supporting you and your father.” the user wrote.

The user then explained that he used to criticise Anwar heavily in 2012/2013 but his perception changed after he researched on Anwar’s past and the things he did.

“So now I proudly support him. I changed my mind in 2015. When the Federal Court rejected the appeal.”

“From there I felt that there was something wrong somewhere. Because Anwar Ibrahim was firm with his decision.”

“Although I’ve been blocked since 2013, it does not matter. I still support him,” he said.

Congratulations, Anwar!

Meanwhile, he also congratulated Anwar for being elected as the 10th Prime Minister.

“Even though my family is against my ideology, I firmly believes that Anwar will lead a new Malaysia,” he said.

In the comment section, netizens were amused by the user’s plead as they join him in requesting other PKR top leaders to help convey the message to Anwar.

Meanwhile, a couple of them also asked Anwar to unblock them too.

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