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Facts on re-boiled water and whether it harms our bodies

LifestyleFacts on re-boiled water and whether it harms our bodies

Reboiling does not produce distilled water. Reboiled water should never be consumed. You must not carry it out.

“You should never use re-boiled water to brew your coffee or tea.”

Just how frequently have you heard these? And are you aware of the justifications for such sayings? How much of those statements are true?

Given the hectic pace of life and our sluggish legs, which frequently baulk at walking a few metres to boil fresh water, it’s not unusual for us to repeatedly boil water. But would boiling water again have any negative effects?

Continue reading to learn the five things you should know before re-boiling your water.

Pure distilled de-ionized water (distilled water) can be re-boiled and consumed with no problems

Let’s clear this up once and for all: regular water can be boiled many times up to a thousand times because the risk is extremely low. In actuality, your kettle or cup is dirty yet.

Minerals and dissolved gases that cannot be re-boiled are only found in ordinary water.

Your tea tastes better with freshly boiled water

If you consider yourself a “tea connoisseur,” you should use freshly boiling water rather than water that has already been boiled. Water with more oxygen makes for better tea, while water that has been boiled twice has less oxygen because the dissolved oxygen molecules escape as steam, causing the water to become poorly aerated.

Therefore, while it is possible to utilise re-boiled water to make coffee or tea, the quality of the beverage will be compromised.

You run the risk of increasing the concentration of non-volatile impurities in your water if you re-boil it

Minerals and natural gases are present in some quantity in tap water. Re-boiling your water could lead to a higher concentration of potentially harmful substances like arsenic, nitrates, and fluoride.

Wait, doesn’t the first point say that having reboiled water is acceptable? The risk is modest, but there is still a risk, so now is the time to be vigilant.

Even “healthy” minerals can be concentrated to a dangerous level

When should you be aware of what is meant by “moderation”? Do not assume that you are safe just because you drank or consumed mineral or drinking water. Gallstones, arthritic conditions like arthritis, kidney stones, and artery hardening can all result from consuming too much calcium salt, a mineral that is typically found in drinking and mineral water.

If you understand what “moderation” means, everything is rather safe.

If you have the habit of re-boiling your water, it usually means that you have left the water to stand in your kettle or electric kettle for some time

Returning to the original premise, reboiled water may be reasonably safe, but the container it is stored in may not be. Rust may occur if you use a kettle, especially if it’s an electric kettle, which heats the water using a metal coil inside the kettle.

Therefore, if possible refrain from re-boiling water. You do need that workout, after all.

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