Wednesday, December 7, 2022

“Indicators should stay orange!” M’sians slam driver who modified their car indicator lights

Social News"Indicators should stay orange!" M'sians slam driver who modified their car indicator...

While we are allowed to make some modifications to our cars, there are some features that we should absolutely not alter. For example, the colour of indicator lights.

Recently, Twitter user @emrhqm took it online to share a couple of pictures of a Perodua Myvi with white indicator lights driving on the road. He then slammed the driver for making the modification.

“Bro, it’s best if you change your indicator lights back to orange. Don’t blame anybody if accidents happen. If you want to modify the colour of the lights, just do it on the interior.”

“There’s a reason why brake lights are red and indicators are orange,” the user said.

I thought he was reversing!

In the comment section, many netizens agree with the user and shared that such modifications can be potentially disastrous.

“I almost hit a car this morning because of the bloody signal. It was raining and the signal was bloody invisible. I can’t see it and had to hit my brakes hard. If I’m driving a lorry, I would have crashed into you,” a netizen said.

“The light’s color has its purpose. It is not acceptable to change its color. It is visible during the night but not in daylight. I once was in a panic when a car’s brake light is white and it makes me think the driver wanted to reverse. I abruptly hit the brake when we were all at high speed. Luckily, no mishap happened,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, some netizens also called out to the Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) to take stern action against vehicle owners who made such modifications to their cars.

“@JPJMalaysia, please take note of this. I’ve seen several people modifying their brake and signal lights. It endangers other road users,” a netizen said.

Have you come across any other modifications that could cause accidents? Share your experience with us here!

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