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Worried about mysterious blackouts during vote counting? TNB assures M’sians stable electricity supply during GE15

Politics are dirty and this is because some politicians would go all they way out to cheat in order to secure their seats in the parliament. Over the years, there had been many rumours of how politicians would cheat, and among the tactics are phantom voters, electoral roll tampering, and even mysterious power blackouts during recounts.

To address one of these issues, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) has shared that the national electricity company has made comprehensive preparations to ensure that the power supply at all 6,623 polling stations across the nation will not run out of power supply.

“We have also asked the relevant parties to avoid excavation works on the polling day to reduce the risk of damaging the electricity cables,” TNB’s Chief Distribution Network Officer Wan Nazmy Wan Mahmood was quoted as saying by Oriental Daily.

In addition, he also said that the organisation has postponed similar projects since 16 November so it can focus on providing stable electricity supply during the 15th General Election (GE15), especially during the announcement of the results.

Some works could not be delayed, but under control

Wan Nazmy said that however, some of these projects could not be delayed. Hence, strict procedures and rules will apply to reduce the risk of blackouts.

He added that the company has deployed special teams to monitor these critical locations and handle any unexpected incidents.

“With this, we have taken all necessary measures and hopefully everything is under control,” he said.

Meanwhile, he also said that TNB will be working with the Election Commission and the state governments to obtain the full information on the electricity in all voting stations, as well as the counting centers.

Here’s a special thanks to TNB and all related parties for working together to ensure that GE15 goes on smoothly without any complications.

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