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Watch: MCA candidate begs for voters’ support while campaigning

Social NewsWatch: MCA candidate begs for voters' support while campaigning

The polling day of the 15th General Election (GE15) is set for Saturday (19 November), and politicians are now doing their last effort to persuade the general public to support their candidacy.

Nonetheless, some of these politicians have come up with extraordinary campaigning tactics. Among them is the candidate for the Ampang seat, Datuk Zuraida, who decided to stand on the road divider right in the middle of a busy street.

As for the MCA’s candidate for Indera Mahkota, Dato Quek Tai Seong, he broke down during his speech and begs for voters to support him.

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According to Sin Chew Daily, the outburst of emotions took place yesterday (16 November) at a Parliamentary Voter Exchange dinner that was jointly held by the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) outpost in Kuantan, alongside other units.

The dinner event had about 70 tables brimming with guests, and Quek can be seen wiping his tears as he choked and begs those present to vote for him. Quek also stressed how important the seat is to his party in the upcoming election.

“If we lose because of insufficient votes, just like how it is in the 14th General Elections. MCA or the Chinese will not be contesting in this constituency in the next election!”

“So, I beg everyone here to please vote for me,” he said.

‘Humiliating to MCA as even Chinese do not support them’

In addition, he also claimed that most of his voters in this constituency are not Chinese, making it difficult for him to explain the turnout to his party. He added that this would then mark another humiliating defect for the MCA as the Chinese do not support them.

Quek then promised that he would do good for the residents in Indera Mahkota, adding that they could vote him out of office in the next term if they find his performance unsatisfying.

He then ended his speech by chanting ‘BN can do it!’

Also present at the dinner event was MCA Kuantan District Chairman Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker and BN advisor to the Indera Mahkota constituency Dato Pang.

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