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PN was criticized for deceiving voters with ‘InfoPRU’ SMSes

We would assume that the relevant government departments would be sending us SMS messages with titles like KKM, GOV, and so on.

Because many people recently got SMSes with the subject line “InfoPRU,” which stands for “General Election (GE) Information,” they assumed the messages were from the Election Commission of Malaysia (EC/SPR). That’s not the case, though.

BFM News shared on Twitter that Perikatan Nasional is the source of these SMSes and provided a link in the process (PN). The message’s link links users to a page that features the PN candidate in their locality and even includes the voter’s personal data.

They wrote, “Angry netizens are complaining after receiving SMSes from Perikatan Nasional, calling it intrusive and likening it to tactics used by scams. The SMS does not indicate that it is from PN, but the attached link leads to a PN poster with voters’ respective personal details.”

The SMS merely states, “You are one of the voters in the GE15 voters list.”

The link’s title, “Your voting details,” further deceives users into thinking it will take them to MySPR Semak, where they can check their voter status.

This is made even more troubling by the fact that the PN poster includes, in addition to the PN candidate for the voters’ areas, the voter’s entire name, IC number, voting station, DUN, and other related personal information found on the SPR Semak website.

“I thought it was an SPR message. It took me awhile to figure out why my name and particulars were on a PN poster. My details are compromised. How is this possible? Who is behind this?” a Malaysian named Poh shared with BFM News.

“Having the URL and SMS as ‘infoPRU’ is so deceiving, seeing it is owned by PN,” another said.

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