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“Can I vote in GE15 if I’m Covid-19 positive?” Here’s a guide from EC and KKM for Covid-19 positive voters

News"Can I vote in GE15 if I'm Covid-19 positive?" Here's a guide...

Voters who are confirmed positive for Covid-19 will get to exercise their rights to cast their vote in the upcoming 15th General Election (GE15), says the Election Commission (EC).

Nonetheless, they are required to stay abide to the guidelines issued by the EC and Ministry of Health (KKM).

According to Bernama, EC deputy chairperson Azmi Sharom said voters who are confirmed positive for Covid-19 will be separated from other voters when they come to cast their vote, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Azmi also said that election workers would ensure that the voting process for those Covid-positive voters would also be done as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, Azmi said it is important for those individuals to inform KKM officers of their health status before coming to the polling centre.

“The KKM officials will separate the Covid-positive voters from the others and the voting process for this group will also be done quickly,” he said.

KKM’s guidelines for Covid-19 positive voters

According to Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, Covid-19 positive voters need to take some general preventative measures to ensure that the voting process runs safely and to reduce the risk of infection to other voters as well as staff at voting stations.

He added that KKM officers will be stationed at polling centres to assist COVID-19 positive voters.

As for the procedures, these voters will need to keep in mind these 4 guidelines.

  1. Face masks: It is compulsory for Covid-19 patients to wear a face mask, while the general public are highly encouraged to wear one.
  2. Transportation: Covid-19 positive voters are not allowed to take any form of public transportation, including e-hailing services. They are also not allowed to stop by anywhere before or after casting their ballots and must immediately return home after voting.
  3. Sanitisation: Everyone must sanitise their hands when voting at the voting station. It is also recommended for everyone bring along their own hand sanitiser.
  4. Physical distancing: Covid-19 positive voters are required to physically distance themselves, and the general public should do the same.

It is important to fulfill our civic duty to cast our votes, so as to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Stay safe for those who care about you!

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