Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Public university shuts its door on Fahmi Reza’s #KelasDemokrasi, students continue learning despite on the streets

Social NewsPublic university shuts its door on Fahmi Reza's #KelasDemokrasi, students continue learning...

Malaysia is a democratic country, but it appears that our education system is not doing enough to teach our youths about how democracy and the electoral process work.

To fill in these gaps, activist and street artist Fahmi Reza has been actively using his platform to reach out to youths across the country to educate them about how democracy and voting work in the country.

After his #KelasDemokrasi videos and livestreams gained attention of the public, Fahmi decides to take it one step further by hosting physical classes at various universities around the nation.

However, it appears that Fahmi has been blacklisted by certain universities and was denied entry to conduct his lessons at the university premise.

Recently, Fahmi took to his Twitter page to share how he had to conduct his lesson on democracy on the streets right outside of the campus as the public university interrupted his class and kicked him out of his premise.

Despite conducting it on the streets with a whiteboard in the middle of the road, Fahmi managed to rack up a huge number of students.

University, a place to learn?

In the comment section, netizens praise the students for taking the initiative to learn about democracy in the nation. Meanwhile, they also condemn the university for denying the student’s right to learn from Fahmi’s class.

“Pity the students from UNIMAP. They want to learn about the country’s democratic system but their right is being ripped away by those in power. They even have to learn outside of the campus,” a netizen said.

“Ain’t it funny? He’s just there to spread knowledge, not hatred and the University’s management, auxiliary police are there to stop #KelasDemokrasi. They’re too comfortable with the current system and they’re scared for a change,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, some netizens said it should be the government’s responsibility to educate the students instead.

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