Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Prime Minister: Public holidays on Nov. 18, 19 for Malaysia’s GE15, and tolls will also be free

NewsPrime Minister: Public holidays on Nov. 18, 19 for Malaysia’s GE15, and...

Ismail Sabri, the prime minister, just declared Friday and Saturday, November 18 and 19, as vacations. To encourage Malaysians to vote on this coming Saturday, a special holiday has been declared.

Also, tolls are free on both days as a result of discussions with 30 motorway concessionaries, making it simple for voters to travel back to their individual hometowns to cast their ballots.

A few days prior to this coming Saturday’s 15th general election in Malaysia (GE15), the prime minister made the announcement (November 19, 2022). “We want to make sure Malaysians can exercise their rights as clearly stipulated in the federal constitution. No one can prevent a citizen from exercising their right to vote,” he said Ismail Sabri.

Paying tolls is now one less thing to think about if you’re driving to your hometown to cast your ballot, but keep in mind to check your car’s condition to avoid unplanned pauses. There are rules that must be followed if you plan to vote but have tested positive for Covid-19: always wear a face mask, avoid taking public transportation, and avoid stopping anyplace before or after casting your ballot. Vote wisely and remain safe.

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