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Watch: Thief walks into M’sian’s home and managed to steal a RM7,000 phone in broad daylight

NewsWatch: Thief walks into M'sian's home and managed to steal a RM7,000...

A man suffered a RM7,000 loss after a thief managed to sneak into his house and stole his handphone while he was busy washing his car. The entire incident took place in less than 1 minute and this had since left many people wondering about the security in our neighbourhood.

The incident happened last Tuesday (8 November) when the victim, Chen was cleaning his car at the front porch of his house at Ampang Taman Putra at around 10 am.

Speaking to China Press, Chen said he made a huge mistake by leaving his front gate and house door open, which gave the thief the opportunity to slip past him without realising someone entered his home.

Source: YouTube

According to the CCTV footage, the thief can be seen walking right through the front gate into Chen’s house while he was cleaning the front part of his car.

After making his way into the house, the thief quickly surveyed for the valuables and he finally laid eyes on a Samsung Z Fold 3 Phantom Green that is worth RM7,000. He then took the phone and put it into his back pocket.

While the thief attempts to flee the crime scene, Chen unexpectedly came out of the car and saw the stranger in his living room. “What are you doing, huh?!” Chen shouted.

Chen managed to grab hold of the thief’s back but he still managed to escape.

Don’t leave your front gate and house door open

Commenting on the incident, Chen said he left the front gate and house door open as the porch was not enough to fit the entire car. As for the house door, he left it open because he placed his car floor mats inside the living room and wanted to make my task easier.

He added that his girlfriend was at home but she was upstairs.

Chen also said he had since lodged a police report at a nearby police station in Ampang. He also conducted a quick search for his phone but the last location is in Kota Raya.

After having gone through this, Chen advises everybody to stay vigilant even if they are at home. “Please lock your doors,” he said.

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