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M’sian brothers fells victim to job scam, ended up homeless in London with only RM3 in pocket

NewsM'sian brothers fells victim to job scam, ended up homeless in London...

Over the past few months, we’ve heard of several cases of job scams involving Malaysians travelling overseas to secure themselves a good-paying job. It appears that such scams were becoming more widespread in the community.

Recently, a pair of Malaysian siblings fell victim to a job scam and ended up homeless after moving to London for the job opportunity.

According to Harian Metro, the Kelantanese brothers, Mohamad Araz Abdullah, 23, and Mohamad Aiman, 30 (not their real names), said the ‘recruiter’ promised them a once-in-a-life time opportunity to change their fate.

It started when they saw a video and several photos posted by the ‘recruiter’ on TikTok, whom the brothers then contacted. “We contacted a man claiming to be an employment agent in London, and he agreed to meet us in Kuantan, Pahang, to discuss the procedure of moving there,” said Araz.

Source: Harian Metro

Araz then shared that the ‘recruiter’ promised them jobs, work visas, accommodation, pocket money, and two-way plane tickets but they come at a price of RM10,000.

He also said the ‘recruiter’ claimed to have successfully sent many people to London to work as general workers. He added they would have representatives to greet and guide them upon arriving in London.

After consulting with their family members, the siblings decided to ask their 54-year-old mother, a food vendor in Kuantan, to help finance their trip with her savings.

It was a scam!

However, after arriving at London, they were quick to realised that the ‘recruiter’ was making false promises, causing them to be stranded in a foreign land with only RM3 in their pockets.

The brothers shared that they had to endure 4 painful days living on the pavement outside a building, eating food donated by a church, sleeping in the cold weather, collecting leftover food left behind by strangers, and begging for money from passersby to survive.

On the third day, they met with someone who suggested they go to Bayswater, a district of the City of Westminster in West London where there was a large Malaysian community there. The brothers then met their saviour there.

Source: Harian Metro

“We walked almost 2 hours on the fourth day to Bayswater, and there we met Mich, a Malaysian who became our rescuer,” Araz said, adding that Mich provided them with temporary housing, food and helped them contact their families.

With Mich’s help, they later found out their flight tickets back to Malaysia provided by the ‘recruiter’ was fake.

When contacted, Mich said that he had never heard of an employment agent who help people find a job here. “I hope Malaysians will not be misled by the sweet promises of certain individuals or syndicates,” he said.

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