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EC releases guide for voters at polling station and for postal vote

Social NewsEC releases guide for voters at polling station and for postal vote

For first-time voters who do not know what to do when it is their turn to cast their vote, do not fear, the Election Commission has recently released a step-by-step guide to help first-time voters to navigate through the polling station smoothly.

The 10-step guide includes:

  1. Enter the room when the supervising officer allows you
  2. Present your MyKad and the ‘Slip Semakan’ (printed from the MySPR Semak website) to the Kerani Pengundian Pertama
  3. The Kerani Pengundian Pertama will then pass your MyKad to the Kerani Pengundian Kedua for verification
  4. Move to the Kerani Pengundian Kedua and dip your left index finger into the blue ink when asked
  5. Collect your ballot paper from the Kerani Pengundian Ketiga and be mindful not to stain the ballot paper with the blue ink
  6. Move to the Ketua Tempat Mengundi’s table and hand over your mobile phone
  7. After handing over your mobile phone, you may move to the assigned marking station and put the ‘X’ mark in the empty space next to your chosen candidate’s name and symbol
  8. Move to the tables with ballot boxes and drop your ballot paper into one of them
  9. Return to the Ketua Tempat Mengundi’s table to collect your mobile phone
  10. Leave the polling station after you have collected your mobile phone

Guide for postal vote

As for those filling out postal ballot papers, the EC has uploaded a 7-minute video to explain the steps needed to be carried out once the voter receives the postal ballot envelope.

According to EC’s academy director Hasanul Isyraf Naim, he said each voter will receive a brown-coloured envelope containing two smaller envelopes, one white and the other pink.

For voters in Perlis, Pahang and Perak, it would be the pink envelop which has both state (DUN) and parliamentary elections. As for other states, voters will only receive white envelopes for the parliamentary election.

“Inside envelope B (white), is a piece of paper which is Form 2 and an envelope marked A (which contains the ballot paper),” he explained.

Hasanul then said voters need to have another person who is Malaysian aged 18 as a witness to help them verify the serial number on the ballot paper with the numbers on envelope A and Form 2. The witness can be anybody, whether a relative, a brother or sister, or even a neighbour.

Source: New Straits Times

If the numbers agree, the voters and witnesses can then proceed to fill in Form 2 according to the instructions given.

“The voter’s full name must be written in capital letters. Then the voter needs put down his or her signature or a thumbprint and write the identity card number and date.”

“After that, the witness will write down his or her information in the space below and follow the instructions,” he said.

Following that, voters can proceed to put a cross on the candidate of their choice.

Meanwhile, Hasanul Isyraf reminded postal voters not to mark the ballot paper in the presence of the witness as every vote is a secret.

After having done so, voters need to fold the ballot paper and insert it into envelope A before sealing the envelope. Hasanul Isyraf said the Form 2 must also be refolded and put together with envelope A into envelope B (white) which already has the address election division manager.

Hasanul Isyraf said the steps are similar for those completing the pink envelopes for voters in Perlis, Pahang and Perak.

The envelope can then be sent to the nearest post office or the office of the election division manager.

Watch the video here:

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