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Chinese hackers created a foldable iPhone after six months of work

Tech & GamesChinese hackers created a foldable iPhone after six months of work

Since Samsung, Apple’s biggest rival, unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold in 2019, there has been talk of an Apple-made folding iPhone. However, it is now 2022, and Cupertino has yet to release any foldable products.

Despite this, these men persisted in hacking through two Motorola Razrs, 37 iPhone X displays, and around 200 days to ultimately produce this monstrosity: the iPhone V 0.1.

The Aesthetics of Science and Technology, a collective, produced this Frankenstein-like folding iPhone and even had to 3D-print components that, to put it simply, don’t yet exist. The end result is a gadget that resembles the iPhone 12 Flip. These guys constructed it using components from two Motorola Razrs, particularly the hinge system. Then they had to obtain a foldable iPhone display, something that hadn’t yet been created. They would use an iPhone X to accomplish this and take the glass panel off of the 3D touch layer underneath it. This is no small accomplishment; the team had to hack through 37 iPhone X displays before succeeding.

However, we don’t believe you’d want to use it every day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful idea all around, but in order to make it work, a lot of hardware was sacrificed in addition to the fact that it looks janky and has a large gap when folded. This includes losing MagSafe wireless charging, having just one speaker remaining, a smaller battery, losing water resistance, and occasionally, if you’re not cautious, the display can pop off the hinge piece. The Aesthetics of Science and Technology also had to jailbreak the OS in order to add features like splitscreen mode and get the device to function properly.

In fact, we’re not even sure if this is true or really an incredibly sophisticated joke. For a couple of YouTubers, it would be an amazing feat of engineering if it were genuine. To learn more about how it works, you may view the entire 17-minute video produced by them, but keep in mind that it is in Chinese with available English subtitles.

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